How Does Spaghetti Relate to Lateral Leadership?

Yesterday marked the conclusion of the final module in the Burda GUIDE! Seminar series: Three comprehensive modules spread over six months, all centered around the concept of lateral leadership.

📚 What is Lateral Leadership? In essence, it’s leading without direct authority. As a VC investor, I have the privilege of working with many founders and different team members, where the skills of lateral leadership are highly valuable.

🎓 Does it Work? How do Teams Really Function? And what type of leader am I, including the strengths and weaknesses of my leadership style? These questions and many more were the focus of our deep dive during the GUIDE! Seminar, enriched by role-playing and case studies for direct application.

🍝 And the Spaghetti Connection?
To better understand team dynamics and collaboration, we took on the „Marshmallow Challenge“: constructing the tallest possible tower from spaghetti strands, topped with a marshmallow. The tallest marshmallow-topped tower wins. The literature on this is incredibly fascinating, and I highly recommend it!

A huge thank you to the entire GUIDE! group, our fantastic trainer Katja Ischebeck, and, of course, our marshmallow-winning team!

Published on Linked In by Luisa Frank VC Investor @Burda Principal Investments